"helping you do more with less"

Budgets are shrinking but demands on you are growing. With data-o-rama, you can provide service to your patrons 24/7, let them help themselves and get rid of bottlenecks that stress everyone out

Data-o-rama provides hosted sollutions that integrate easily with your website.

The calendar lets you

  • put programs onto your calendar as far into the future as you want
  • you can also designate when an event will show to the public
  • events can be one-of-a-kind or recurring
  • events can be categorized, so that patrons can look only at one category
  • events can be listed in more than one category
  • popup boxes carry more detail about an event, as well as a link to registration


  • patrons can register themselves on line at any time
  • it's easy to email reminders to those who have registered
  • "admin staff" have access to a backend where they create all the information about a program and they can set parameters
  • admin staff can specify required fields for each event
  • admin staff set registration limits
  • an event can have timeslots
  • admin staff can view the registration list and the waiting list, modify or delete registrants, alphabetize the list for printout to be used for signin at the event
  • admin staff can close registration off if the waiting list gets too long
  • "desk staff" can register people and modify people's registration information

Online registration means all your information is in one place, but everyone who needs it has access to it.  No more spreadsheets that have to be emailed from staff member to staff member, with multiple versions confusing people.  No waiting in long lines to use a piece of paper.  No waiting for the person with the right version of the list to come in for their shift.  The online list is always update and complete.

Our hosted service means that you do not need to have your staff setting up and configuring software.  No hosting fees.  We customize the header of the calendar and registration pages with your logo and branding so that your patrons know they're registering for your programs, and we return them to your website.